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In 2016 in Fayetteville, GA, the light of The Rise was made manifest. Minister Jamie and Lady Antoinette Eatmon touched and agreed in the spirit and co-founded On The Rise Network and Outreach, which has evolve into The Rise Movement.

After years of circumstances and situations The Rise was made manifest as a consuming fire, a light in a dark land. On The Rise Network and Outreach was birth from the idea and philosophy that gave birth to The Rise Newspaper and spirited by The LORD. The Rise, is the embodiment of Faith, Hope, Purpose and Will Power to educate, motivate and inspire. The passionate flame has grown into a fire, fueled by Hope, Driven by Faith and Purposeful Will Power.

The Great Poets said it best:

Life aint been no crystal stairs, Still I Rise and I'se a still climbin'

The Rise is not a new thing, but an old mindset.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best, "Truth Crushed to earth will Rise again"  and in another quote he stated, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

The Rise’s history has yet to fully unfold, therefore, for now, it is time to live out the half that has yet to be told.  Our past has taught us patience, through our patience we have gain experience and presently, it is the testimonies of our past that attest to our commitment to the future. 

“We are on The Rise!”

The Rise Newspaper (1996-2002)

While stationed at Fort Gordon, GA. I met a young woman online name Draera. Meeting her was the kindling for the flame that is now the Fire of On The Rise Network and Outreach. It all begin with an inquiry as to what could be done to make a difference in the lives of our black youth. It was noted that there was a need for something to counter all the negativity in the world. The proposed answer was a newspaper that would feature the positive aspects of life in hope of motivating and inspiring youths.

Out of that conversation, The Rise Newspaper was birthed to provide informative news and information for the entire family. The Rise was founded as a vehicle to give a voice to the community. The Rise Newspaper, like most new start-up ventures was met with challenges right from the start. True to its name and its mission The Rise did rise above numerous situations and circumstances. The Rise remained in print from 1996 to 2002, its mantra was “When you are on The Rise, nothing can hold you back.”

Past History 

In 2002 due to unforeseen situations and circumstances the last issue of The Rise was printed. It was a dark period in which the light of The Rise Newspaper remained hidden and seemingly extinguished. It was in that same season or dark place that the LORD gave publisher Jamie Eatmon the word “I have found my way; I was scattered, I was lost, but I was never alone. I proclaim that “I Am On The Rise,” It would be years later before He received the revelation of the words and even longer before they were made manifest. While it remains questionable if and when the next issue of The Rise Newspaper will be printed. It would be years later before Minister Jamie Eatmon equipped with the revelation of The Rise would birth On The Rise Network and Outreach which he and his wife Lady Antoinette co-founded.


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